Clinton will be 'Listening to America'


July 07, 1992|By Steve McKerrow


* The television campaign trail stretches on, as apparent nominee Bill Clinton appears tonight for an hour with host Bill Moyers on "Listening to America," at 10 o'clock on Maryland Public Television.

"A Conversation With Bill Clinton" gives the Arkansas governor a chance to address the public TV audience ahead of the Democratic National Convention beginning next week in New York.

A spokeswoman for "Listening to America" says invitations were also extended to President George Bush and potential independent candidate Ross Perot to appear on tonight's program with Clinton, or on another edition of the weekly election-year series.

Neither camp has yet responded.

* In an election year punctuated by racial and class divisions (as charged by vice president Dan Quayle's "cultural elite" terminology), was anybody else struck by the sadly heterogenous audience at the PBS "Capitol Fourth 1992" concert Saturday night?

As the National Symphony Orchestra played patriotic themes, the cameras panned across the crowd gathered on the mall in front of the U.S. Capitol and found hardly any black or other minority faces.

The picture seemed particularly unsettling coming from a city whose majority population is African-American and which includes a rich infusion of other ethnicities.

* In another Independence Day note, did you see the the Pride of Baltimore II getting some significant air time in the live coverage of the Parade of Sail in New York Harbor seen on many PBS stations?

The goodwill schooner sailed near the parade-leading U.S. Coast Guard's Eagle, and occasioned comment regarding the dangers going down to the sea in sailing ships. The May, 1986 sinking of the first Pride of Baltimore, with the loss of four crew members, was noted.

* Finally, some log entries from the Starship Enterprise:

The National Air and Space Museum in Washington has extended the run of its "Star Trek" exhibition through Jan. 31, 1993. Previously scheduled to close in September, the exhibit has proved one of the most popular in the museum's history, say officials. For information, call (202) 357-1663.

"Star Trek: The Next Generation," the syndicated series seen here on WBFF-Channel 45 (at 8 and 9 p.m. Tuesdays, among other times) ranked as the most-watched series on TV among men 18 to 49 in the May "sweeps" ratings from the Nielsen Television Index.

"Trek" fans are gathering at the Hunt Valley Inn this weekend, Friday through Sunday, for "Shore Leave 14." Among the guests: Actress Majel Barrett, widow of series creator Gene Roddenberry, and actor Mark Lenard, who has played Sarek, father of Spock, in movies and both "Star Trek" series. For information, call the Star Trek Association of Towson, (410) 821-5563.

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