Visitor bound for Baltimore from New York...


July 06, 1992

AN EAST COAST visitor bound for Baltimore from New York late last month found herself a victim of the Amtrak labor unpleasantness.

She took a cab to the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan and was about to get in the line for Greyhound when she was handed a flier advertising Peter Pan bus company's new service to Baltimore. The fare was a few shekels under Greyhound's, so she took a chance and bought a ticket.

Then she called her Baltimore hosts to inform them of the change in plans.

And her Baltimore hosts got on the phone to find out where to pick her up.

Sure enough, Peter Pan, a line familiar to New Englanders -- college students know it well -- has begun service to Baltimore from New York. But Peter Pan buses don't alight downtown, nor do they stop at the newer Baltimore Travel Plaza on O'Donnell Street.

Rather, they stop at the newest station, Golden Ring -- in the 8800 block Yellow Brick Road.

(You could look it up, under Greyhound in the yellow pages, though Greyhound operators did not know that Peter Pan was serving Baltimore. That information came from a Peter Pan agent at the other end of an 800 number in New England.)

Peter Pan buses? Stopping at Golden Ring? On Yellow Brick Road?

The Red Queen would love it.

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