Pc With Windows Offers Choice, Price Most Users Want

July 06, 1992|By Knight-Ridder News Service

The reasons PCs outsell the Mac 10-to-1 are numerous, but let's focus on two key issues: choice and price.

All sorts of people need to use personal computers, and they have all sorts of requirements, budgets and experience levels. The PC marketplace offers any imaginable combination of price, service and selection; the Mac marketplace is dictated by Apple. PC users can buy a preconfigured Windows system with no installation needed or build one from scratch. There is a choice!

A mildly experienced PC user willing to install Windows (it takes about 20 minutes) can go for price. Hi-Tech USA sells a fully equipped and assembled 33mHz 486 for $1,400. Windows and a mouse push it to just over $1,500. A discounted, similarly configured Mac IIci sells for $3,700.

The big argument for Macs is ease of learning. Windows PCs are hardly more difficult to learn and use. DOS is hard for some, but with Windows you don't need to know much about it. The same applications, using essentially duplicate user interfaces, are available on both platforms.

My advice: get a Windows PC, and use only Windows software. Or buy a Mac and help pay for Apple's lawsuits!

Jim Canning, a Windows developer and systems analyst fo FMC, is on the board of the Windows-Presentation Manager Association.

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