In tenpins or ducks, women taking Thunderhead by storm


July 05, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

Warning: if you're a man and you bowl at Thunderhead Lanes in Westminster, your ego may be in danger. This summer the women are doing a number on the pins -- tenpins, duckpins, makes no difference.

Item: Gladys Harman is the Duckpin Bowler of the Year.

Item: Debby Shike is the Tenpin Bowler of the Year.

Item: Pat Cattaneo has banged out two 267 games on the tenpin lanes in the past month.

Harman, a cashier at Martin's supermarket, lives in Westminster with her tenpin-bowling husband, Richard, and bowls in the Monday Morning Mixer and Wednesday Ladies leagues at Thunderhead.

This summer, she also is bowling in the Friday Night tenpin league at County Lanes.

"Tendinitis kept me from bowling tenpin because that tenpin ball can get pretty heavy, but I'm back bowling tenpin this summer," Harman said. "I started bowling duckpins about three or four years ago, and I like it because it's so unpredictable. In ducks, you never know what to expect."

Harman carries a 112 average in ducks with a high game of 184 and threw her high series, 427, in the Bowler of the Year

Tournament, with games of 142, 139 and 146 for 91 pins-over-average. And in the summer league at County Lanes, Harman has a 158 tenpin average; she's using a 10-pound ball in deference to her tendinitis.

Shike dropped the weight of her bowling ball from 14 pounds to 12 pounds because she took a two-year break from tenpin bowling. A sales representative for Reproduction Specialties in Baltimore, Shike lives in Finksburg with her husband Charlie and 12-year-old son, C. J.

"Charlie doesn't bowl," Shike said. "So I have a built-in baby sitter when I bowl."

Shike bowls in just a single league at Thunderhead in Westminster, the Friday Spare Time League, and carries a 170-plus average with a high series of 669 and a high game of 269.

In the Bowler of the Year tournament, Shike topped her average by 86 pins to take the title.

"Winning the Bowler of the Year title was great," she said. "But the folks at Thunderhead are just so great that it's a pleasure to bowl there."

Next year there'll be a new bowler in the Shike family; Debby is teaching C. J. to bowl this summer. It's nice to have your mom teach you tenpins, but it's fantastic to have the Bowler of the Year teach you.

Cattaneo says she's not doing anything different: "I'm just geting some great games."

You bet.

An employee of Long's Florist in Finksburg, Cattaneo lives in Westminster with her husband Bob and carries a 167 average with a high series of 608 that she threw at County Lanes last winter. She switched to the Thunderhead Tuesday Night Owl League for summer bowling and is pounding out some great games: not one, but two 267 games. Either game could have been 300 with a little break here or there.

On June 9, Pat started throwing strikes in the first frame and carried them into the ninth.

"The shot in the 10th frame was pretty," Cattaneo said. "But the four pin stood. I missed it."

Two weeks later, on June 23, Cattaneo opened with a spare, threw strikes into the ninth frame and broke nine and spared in the 10th.



July 12: NABI tournament at Alexandria Bowl, Alexandria, Va., guaranteed first prize of $1,000. (703) 765-3633

July 12: Eastern Seniors Tournament Association at Colonial Hills Lanes in Shillington, Pa. (215) 777-1355

Through July 31: Adult Low Scoring Bowling Tournament at Hampstead Lanes. (410) 374-6211

Aug. 9: Ladies Professional Bowling Tour regional tournament at Greenway Bowl in Odenton, Anne Arundel County; Youth/Adult Pro Am is Aug. 7. (410) 551-7100.

Through Aug. 22: 3rd Annual Country Club Classic at Country Club Lanes in Baltimore; three handicap divisions; first place is a guaranteed $4,000 plus a special event each week with extra prize money and Hammer bowling balls. (410) 686-2556

Through Aug. 23: County Lanes tenpin tournament; starting times are 6, 8 and 10 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday; ABC/WIBC rules. (410) 857-1977 or 876-8430

Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28: Adult Nine-Or-Better-Across-The-Lanes (tenpin) or Seven-Or-Better-Across-The-Lanes (duckpin) tournaments at Hampstead Lanes. (410) 374-6211

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