Oyster plate might sell for $50 to $60


July 05, 1992|By James G. McCollam | James G. McCollam,Copley News Service

Q: Enclosed is a picture of some sort of clam dish. It is about 8 1/2 inches in diameter and marked "Theodore Haviland -- Limoges -- France."

I am interested in knowing how old it is and its approximate value.

A: Your Haviland oyster plate was made in the early 1900s and would probably sell for $50 to $60.

DTC Q: The enclosed mark is on the bottom of a 17-inch ewer. It is decorated with scenes of merry couples dancing and drinking. The borders are made up of a series of green leaves.

A: Your ewer was made by Villeroy & Boch in Mettlach, Germany, during the late 19th century. It would probably sell for $800 to $900.

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