Greenway's oldest, newest and most fun


July 02, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

What is the oldest bowling league in Anne Arundel?

OK, I don't know either, but the oldest league at Greenway Glen Burnie is the 36-year-old Thursday Jills, which has eight teams of five members each.

So says Liz Penze, who works the control counter when the women are bowling at Greenway Glen Burnie duckpin center.

"I know the league has been around for a long time," said Bonnie Keyton, who has been secretary for the league for 15 years and a member for 19.

Keyton lives in Severn and carries an average of 100. That average was 116 a short time ago, but she has had foot problems that led to eight operations. One of her toes will be amputated this summer.

"But I'll be ready to bowl in September," vowed Keyton. "I've been bowling since I was 12 years old, and I don't intend to miss this year."

Keyton, assistant manager at a local 7-Eleven, says her four children are all bowlers.

"This a bowling family," she said. "I worked at the counter at Fair Lanes Southwest for five years and bowled most of my life, and I still think it's the greatest sport in the world."

That takes care of the oldest league at Greenway Glen Burnie. How about the newest?

"We've been at Greenway for just one year," said Pat Hudgins, secretary of the league. "We bowled in Baltimore for eight or nine years and then moved to Brooklyn Lanes and after that to Fair Lanes Arbutus.

"We came to Greenway in 1991, and we've finally found a home. The league was named the Saturday Fun Buns, but at Greenway we changed the name to Saturday Night Delights."

Hudgins works for Monumental Life Insurance Co. and lives in Baltimore with her husband, Bob, who she met at Wilkins Lanes. Bob carries a 130 average; Pat has a 103 when she's bowling.

"Right now, I'm a non-bowler," Pat said. "I have arthritis, and it prevents me from participating, but I can still function as secretary."

And still have a lot of fun.

"They have more fun than any league in the center," Pence said. "They always have a party planned."

The eight-team league is strictly for fun. Members went to the horse races at Charles Town, W. Va., had a holiday party and a spring carnival this year, and next month will go to Kurtz Beach for a family picnic.

Maybe there are leagues around that are older than the Thursday Jills and more fun than the Saturday Night Delights, but is there a league smaller than the Severn Ladies?

Pam Kirk is president, Rebecca Hobbs is secretary and Shirley Brice is treasurer. That accounts for one quarter of the membership. That's right, the league consists of just four teams of three women each, a grand total of 12 duckpin bowlers.

Brice of Severn has been bowling with the league for "about 20 years" and carries a 99 average, an average that has slipped from her normal 103.

"We may be a small league, and we may not have big averages but we do love to bowl," Brice said. "One lady, Ruth Fickett, is 82 years old and still has a 71 average."

The league is small, but Brice wouldn't mind if it became the biggest.

"I'd like all the ladies who read about us to know that we would welcome new members," she said.

The league's winter season starts Sept. 11, and bowls at 9:30 a.m. on Fridays.


The third annual Country Classic Tournament now in progress offers a different concept in tournament play.

It's a handicap event with three divisions, according to average. Division "A" is for averages 200 and above, Division "B" for averages 180 to 199 and Division "C" for averages 179 and below.

It will continue weekends through Aug. 22, and the first prize is a guaranteed $4,000.

Information: 686-2556.

NABI will conduct its third annual Baltimore/Washington Firecracker Open at Crofton Bowling Centre this weekend. First prize is a guaranteed $3,000.

The LPBT Regional Open will be presented by Greenway Odenton Aug. 7-9 with an youth/adult Pro Am on Friday, Aug. 7, and the championship round on Sunday, Aug. 9. The "Best of Bowling" radio talk show will be live from the Greenway Odenton concourse for the championship finals.


Don Vitek's "Best of Bowling" radio talk show is on WCBM/AM at 5 p.m. every Sunday.

Donald G. Vitek's Bowling column appears every Thursday in The Anne Arundel County Sun. Bowlers are urged to give Don a call with scores and tidbits at 247-0850.

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