City police seize drug equipment

July 01, 1992|By Michael James | Michael James,Staff Writer

Baltimore narcotics agents seized about 1 million capsules, vials and plastic bags -- all suspected drug-packaging materials -- at a downtown shop and warehouse yesterday.

Police said the items were sold over the counter at Sonja Wholesale at 7 N. Eutaw St. They called it a major supplier of drug equipment. Also seized were numerous chemical cutting agents typically associated with drugs, and $1,600 in cash.

Police said they would seek indictments charging more than a dozen people, including the owner of the business, Joseph Yi, 33. Mr. Yi's mother, who was working in the warehouse when police raided it at 4 p.m., said he was in Korea.

The warehouse also sells umbrellas, wigs, jewelry, gloves and perfume, said police Sgt. John Sieracki. An undercover officer, acting on a tip, recently bought 100 vials like those used for crack.

"It was a simple over-the-counter operation, but it was big-time stuff. We're confident we've taken out a major supplier," Sergeant Sieracki said.

Also seized in the raid were digital scales, strainers and other tools typically used by drug dealers.

"The items by themselves aren't illegal, but coupled with the drug-cutting agents, we feel we have a very strong case," Sergeant Sieracki said. No drugs were found.

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