Police benefits may continue, despite absence of contract

July 01, 1992

Police officers are working without a contract as of today, but they will continue to receive their current benefits if the County Council passes 19 pieces of legislation later this month.

County Executive Charles I. Ecker pre-filed the legislation Friday, and the County Council is expected to hear it Monday at its monthly meeting. The council may vote on the legislation July 27.

The legislation would continue such benefits as extra pay for officers who work with K-9 and minimum pay for officers who go out on duty when they're not scheduled to, according to Rosalia Feinstein, legislative coordinator.

"It's a good gesture," said Dale Hill, president of the Howard County Police Officers Association, which has been negotiating with the county for more than a year.

"But we still have the friction about the fact-finder's decision," he said.

Negotiations between the union and the county have stalled over a disagreement about the date merit raises should be given. An independent fact-finder has decided in favor of the union, agreeing that merit raises should be issued the date a new contract is signed.

Officers are working under the provisions of the County Code, like other non-union county employees.

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