Man gets life term for raping boss' wife Circuit judge calls Clarksville attack a 'barbaric act'

July 01, 1992|By Jackie Powder | Jackie Powder,Staff Writer

A 28-year-old Derwood man convicted of raping the wife of his employer at gunpoint in her Clarksville home was sentenced yesterday to a prison term of life plus 20 years.

Robert Kenneth Focht was an eight-year employee of a masonry business owned by the victim's husband. He worked part time doing yardwork at the family's home and was considered a family friend.

Focht was found guilty on April 21 of first-degree rape, robbery with a deadly weapon, daytime housebreaking and use of a handgun in a violent crime.

"This was a totally horrendous and barbaric act by the defendant," said Circuit Judge Dennis M. Sweeney. "It appears to be somewhat of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality that has been presented here."

Sweeney sentenced Focht to life for the rape conviction and imposed a 20-year consecutive sentence for the robbery with a deadly weapon conviction. He also imposed concurrent sentences of 10 years for daytime housebreaking and five years for the handgun conviction.

Senior Assistant State's Attorney Christine Gage read a portion of the victim's impact statment to the court before sentencing.

"This man has robbed me of all my security and comfort and joy," the victim wrote. "I can't go out at night alone. . . . my home is heavily secured and I feel like I live in a prison."

During Focht's trial, the victim testified that she was washing her kitchen floor last Oct. 7 when someone grabbed her from behind. The intruder told her to be quiet and she wouldn't get hurt.

Although she never saw her attacker, the victim testified that she recognized Focht's voice immediately.

The women testified that Focht placed a gun against her cheek and forced her into the guest bedroom, where he raped her.

During the trial, Focht testified that on the morning of Oct. 7 he picked up a hitchhiker about 5 a.m. on his way to work and smoked a marijuana cigarette with him. He said the next thing he remembered was playing pool in a county pool hall five hours later.

He testified that the drug may have caused him to black out.

Yesterday, Focht admitted he probably did commit the rape after learning the results of DNA tests that implicated him in the crime.

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