T.R.R.C. benefit horse show a record-breaker for program Fund-raiser exceeds expected $10,000 mark


July 01, 1992|By Muphen R. Whitney

The Fifth Annual Therapeutic and Recreational Riding Center Benefit Horse Show over the weekend at Foxfield Farm in Woodbine, sponsored by the Howard County Horse Show Association Inc., was a record-breaker.

The show, which has raised $45,000 for the center over the past four years, broke all financial records this year, swelling the coffers by well over the expected $10,000.

The Therapeutic and Recreational Riding Center is a full-time, year-round facility providing riding education for those with special physical, mental and emotional needs. The center, in its 10th year of operation, is located on Frederick Road in Lisbon, Howard County.

T.R.R.C. founder and director Dr. Helen Tuel said she was pleased that for the first time, there were classes for therapeutic program riders in the benefit program.

Unfortunately, only riders who take part in the T.R.R.C. program competed.

"I'm not quite sure why we didn't get riders from other programs," says Tuel. "We sent invitations to 13 or 14 other programs in the state.

"But most of the other programs are only part-time and are not set up to be able to go to competitions on a year-round basis. We're lucky that we are a full-time, year-round program and we can mobilize overnight to get our kids to a show."

The therapeutic riding classes consisted of Equitation Walk, Equitation Walk-Trot, Equitation Over Fences working over poles, Equitation Over Fences working over poles and adding a halt, an Instructors Equitation Combination class, and an Obstacle Class.

This last class consisted of maneuvering the horse or pony over four poles on the ground, weaving in and out of five cones, taking a letter out of a mailbox, trotting down the side of the ring, and circling at the walk.

The show ran two rings on each of the two days to get through the 15 therapeutic classes and the 67 classes which were part of the sanctioned Howard County Horse Show Association show.

Jeanne Fendley Ebbets of Casanova, Va., judged in ring two and had some advice for the Adult Amateur riders she saw.

"The adult equitation riders really need to be better prepared before going in the ring," said Ebbets. "Some riders who appeared to be very good riders made serious mistakes that lowered their positions in the standings. Other riders who may not have been as talented moved up by doing everything correctly."

Ebbets cited such problems as posting on the incorrect diagonal, taking the wrong lead at the canter and not concentrating on the next fence when jumping as typical of the problems she was seeing.

Carroll County riders earned their share of the ribbons at this show (see partial results below). The most prestigious class of the two days, the $250 Hunter Classic, was won by Running Bear, a horse owned by countian Paris Smith of Mount Airy and ridden by Ira Zimmerman of Glenwood, Howard County.

Carroll results Results may not be complete due to incomplete their entry forms and illegible judge's cards. (Rider's name, town, horse, placement, class)

Lia Dean, Mount Airy, Captain C, fourth in equitation (14-17 years) over fences, fifth in equitation under saddle, first in HCHSA Medal class, fifth in $150 Pony and Junior Classic, first in two children's hunter classes, fifth in children's hunter under saddle, first and second in junior hunter over fences, fourth in junior hunter under saddle.

Alanna Dean, Mount Airy, Stuart Little, first in schooling pony under saddle, sixth in equitation under 14 years over fences, and third in equitation under 14 years under saddle.

Scott Purdom, Woodbine, Amigo Jay, sixth in lead line walk.

Jennifer Terzi, Sykesville, Meadowood's Starlight Express, third in equitation under 14 years over fences and fourth under saddle; on Macaroni Jennifer was fifth in both lead line and lead line walk.

Melinda Faffley, Woodbine, Meadowood's Starlight Express, third and sixth in large pony over fences and fifth in large pony under saddle.

Jenny Stockbridge, Woodbine, Fudger, sixth in long stirrup over fences.

Joanne Emblin, Sykesville, Simply Soxy, second and first in low pony over fences, third in low pony under saddle, first in short stirrup walk-trot, third in short stirrup walk-trot-canter, first in short stirrup figure eight, and first in short stirrup over fences.

Kristina Goodwin, Mount Airy, Tina, second in lead line, third in lead line walk.

Heather Bair, Woodbine, Meadowood's Jose, second in long stirrup walk-trot-canter, third in children's pleasure under saddle.

Abigail Gibbon, Mount Airy, Heather, second in student equitation walk, fourth in student equitation walk-trot, fourth in student equitation walk-trot-canter.

Carol Lane, Sykesville, My Lucky Day, fifth in two low hunter over fences classes, second in two schooling hunter over fences classes, fourth in schooling hunter under saddle, eighth in $250 Hunter Classic.

Susan Faffley, Woodbine, Meadowood's Rosie, fourth in adult amateur equitation, sixth in low adult amateur hunter over fences and sixth in low adult amateur under saddle.

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