Would-be thief convictedAn 18-year-old Parkton man who...

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July 01, 1992

WESTMINSTER — Would-be thief convicted

An 18-year-old Parkton man who entered a parked car in Hampstead and examined an empty amplifier carton was found guilty of attempted theft Monday.

Charles Morgan Woody was seen entering a black Mustang on the evening of March 8 by Michael Cooper, a neighbor of the car's owner.

Woody, testimony showed, was dropped off outside the car -- parked on Sugar Maple Street -- by someone driving a Ford pickup. He entered the car, Cooper said, and started looking through it with a flashlight.

While in the car, testimony showed, Woody examined the box, but did not steal anything. As he left the car, Cooper confronted Woody; Woody started to flee, and Cooper held him down.

The car's owner, Mark Wright, was on his way home when he was passed by a Ford pickup without its headlights on. When he got closer to his home, he saw Cooper and Woody.

Cooper and Wright held Woody until a state trooper and a Hampstead police officer arrived.

Woody's lawyer argued that since he didn't stole anything from the vehicle and left the car before Cooper confronted him, he didn't commit any crime.

Assistant State's Attorney Clarence Beall disagreed.

was clear what he intended to do," Beall said. "But he was caught basically red-handed, trying to steal."

Burns sided with Beall, and found Woody guilty. He will be sentenced Sept. 21.

Man guilty of theft


A 40-year-old Towson man was found guilty of felony theft yesterday for the shoplifting of a steel chain saw from the Cranberry Mall Sears store two years ago.

In a plea agreement with the state, Steven M. January pleaded not guilty, but Circuit Judge Francis M. Arnold heard only the state's version of the facts as evidence.

In addition, a conspiracy charge against him was dropped.

Court testimony showed that January was spotted by Sears security cameras taking a $339.75 chain saw out of the store on June 29, 1990.

The saw was later found with another person whom police said was involved in the scheme. The saw was returned to the store.

exchange for agreeing to the statement of facts, January's conviction was noted on the record, but he will not be sentenced.

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