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July 01, 1992

Give us Wilhoyte!

From: Linda Tetrault


We want the [members of the Anne Arundel County] Board [of Education] to ask themselves the following questions and give us the superintendent:

Who has the best track record of leadership and management for students!

Who set and is achieving our mission of excellence and equity for each student and our school system!

Who uses a school/division-based strategic planning process involving students, teachers, parents and principals in identifying the "quality" focus for decision- making and improvement for students!

Who has had line/supervisory responsibility for over 7,000 employees and managed millions of dollars in resources with noted improvement for students!

Who has had the experience as a principal director, a long-range planner and designer of highly successful school programs for at-risk, all-American, and gifted students, as well as statewide educational reform!

Who reaches out to unhappy parents and staff when things go wrong with conflict resolution and accountability so that we work out our differences for students!

Who (with her husband) spends Friday nights and Saturdays with the Boosters and our kids at the game!

Status quo, quid pro quo, and longevity are not important to us!

.` We need a track record of lead

ership, management and vision on behalf of students, staff and community.

We want someone who is not afraid of tough decisions if they're best for kids and has spent the time to know us and has been there when we have problems to resolve.

If you focus on the issues, focus on our students and our future, then Dr. Cheryl H. Wilhoyte is the one to lead this school system to become what our children and this county need and deserve!

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