First impressions can be colored in your favor

July 01, 1992|By Gwen Salley-Schoen | Gwen Salley-Schoen,McClatchy News Service

Want to make a good impression on a job interview, get your future in-laws to welcome you with open arms or improve your grades? Maybe wearing the right colors could help.

According to Tina Sutton, national fashion consultant for Hit or Miss stores, What you wear can actually have an impact on anyone you meet, from business associates to friends.

"Red is passionate and dynamic. It gives a feeling of motion, even when someone is standing still. Wear it when you need to capture the attention of others," Ms. Sutton said. "Dark green is rich and prestigious. It makes you look secure and successful. After all, it's the color of money."

Additionally, "Black is the most sophisticated and powerful color a person can wear. Use it to show you're in charge.

"Pink is soft and compassionate. It lacks authority, but can soften a bad situation. Wear it if you have to discuss a difficult matter.

"Yellow is eye-catching and cheerful. Wear yellow to inspire creativity and optimism.

"Navy blue is trustworthy and conservative. Wear it when you're making presentations or want to inspire confidence.

"Taupe is classic and practical. Because it's so warm and likeable, it's a good color to wear when you need to get cooperation from peers.

"Purple is flamboyant and creative. Avoid wearing it when meeting a man for the first time. It may be risky."

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