Perot and HooverI read with some concern your recent...


June 30, 1992

Perot and Hoover

I read with some concern your recent extensive article on H. Ross Perot, particularly as it dealt with his need to find dirt on the sexual lives of his enemies.

This concerned me and brought back thoughts of J. Edgar Hoover, who kept a dossier on people he no longer trusted or liked.

This type of power and control concerns me and makes me wonder if someone such as Mr. Perot should even have the responsibility of a high office.

Alan H. Peck


Peters on Perot

Shame on Tom Peters. His June 22 article in the Business Weekly section is a travesty, so out of character of the many fine articles he is noted for writing.

The coming presidential campaign has only just begun and Ross Perot has yet to formally announce his candidacy or publish where he stands on the major issues of the day, but Tom Peters sees fit at this time to issue a proclamation, "Say No to Perot."

This seems to violate the tenets of excellence about which Mr. Peters has been preaching for the past 10 years.

I suggest that Mr. Peters spend some time listening, gathering data and keeping an open mind to fresh ideas. It's permissible to talk about concerns, but I don't need someone of Mr. Peters' stature, whom I respect, telling me how to vote. Moreover, knock off the scare tactics of comparing Mr. Perot to Mussolini and implying that he has no regard for the Constitution.

Excellent companies, as it turns out, spend a lot of time listening to their employees and acting accordingly. Mr. Perot says he wants to see an excellent America, and he says he will spend a lot of time listening to the American people and acting accordingly.

Larry Guess

Havre de Grace

Tax Change

Your fine article (June 23) on shrinking paychecks overlooked one additional income tax bite that will be a shock to many couples.

The "married filing combined separate" status has been eliminated retroactive to January 1992.

For Baltimore County couples who have filed this type state income tax return, it will mean an additional $93 when they file their 1992 tax returns.

Across the state, any couple that has filed this type return in the past will be assessed an additional $90. In the counties with an increase in the local piggyback income tax rate, the additional tax goes up slightly.

Taxpayers need to prepare for this surprise.

Robert W. Gifford


Bentley and Serbia

My experience with Rep. Helen Delich Bentley does not confirm the view of your June 10 editorial that she is the "voice on Capitol Hill" of the Milosevic regime.

It is true that Representative Bentley has spoken up for the rights of Serbs and that her views and those of the U.S. government sometimes differ. However, I can attest from

personal experience that she has worked hard to dissuade Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic from the course he has chosen.

Because of her standing in the Serbian-American community, she has unique access to the Serbian leadership. She has been active in a variety of humanitarian objectives, most recently the effort to reunite an American woman, Shayna Lazarevich, with her children who were kidnapped by their Serbian father.

During my time in Belgrade, I have found Mrs. Bentley's visits extremely useful and have encouraged them.

Warren Zimmermann


The writer is U.S. ambassador to Yugoslavia.

Personal Attack

I was disappointed to note that on June 22 you printed a letter from Jacqueline Butler, an English teacher at Carver Vocational-Technical High School. As the individual to whom she refers throughout the letter, I feel compelled to respond both on my behalf and on the part of the entire school family.

The false charges she makes against me represent the single opinion of an obviously disgruntled employee, one who had been seeking a transfer long before I assumed the acting principalship.

My record of over 19 years of service, including the last seven as an administrator at Carver, speaks for itself. My superiors, colleagues, teachers I have supervised and supported, parents I have dealt with and young people I have served can attest to my skills as a caring, dedicated administrator.

I am sincerely concerned about the callous acceptance by The Sun of such a personal, pointed, slanderous diatribe which brought no useful purpose to the debate over our schools but merely afforded an individual a platform for personal attack and vindictiveness.

I am further distressed by the writer's inference that she somehow speaks for the entire faculty and, incredibly, the student body. This is patently untrue.

Michael B. Plitt


The writer is managing assistant principal at Carver Vocational-Technical High School.

Monstrous Justice

The Supreme Court has just agreed that it is legal for our Justice Department to try a citizen of a foreign country who was kidnapped in that country and brought to the United States.

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