Rocker worth over $300


June 28, 1992|By James G. McCollam | James G. McCollam,Copley News Service

Q: This chair was found in the attic of a house I inherited. It has been cleaned and recaned. It has casters in the front only. The back is adjustable.

We have not been able to find out the vintage and value.

A: Your unusual, adjustable-back platform rocker was made in the late 19th century. It would probably sell for about $325 to $335.

Q: This mark is on the bottom of a leaf-shape serving dish. It is 10 1/2 inches long and 7 inches wide. It is decorated with pictures of fruit and foliage. It looks extremely old; I am sure it must be valuable.

A: Your dish was made by E. Booth & Co. in Fenton, England, in the late 1700s. That makes it about 200 years old and worth at least $500 to $600.

Q: At a recent garage sale, I purchased a glass candleholder with a shade. It is marked "50th Jubilee -- Her Majesty, Queen Victoria."

Please tell me if this has any value.

A: It would appear that you have a fairy lamp made in 1887. It is a very desirable collectible worth at least $200.

Q: I have started collecting china made by Sabin Industries in McKeesport, Pa. I concentrate on souvenir and calendar plates, as well as cups and saucers and ashtrays.

Can you supply some history and value of these items?

A: Sabin Industries has been in business since 1946 and specializes in very inexpensive novelty china. The pieces you mention sell in the $10 to $25 range each.

Q: I have a 10-inch-square pressed-glass plate that has a series of impressions of U.S. coins dated 1892. Can you tell me what the value might be?

A: Various pieces of pressed glass were produced with impressions of U.S. coins for a few months in 1892. Their manufacture was terminated by the government because real coins were used.

NB You have a bread plate that would sell for about $175 to $200.


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