Four new roses blossom into winners

June 27, 1992|By McClatchy News Service

For rose enthusiasts, next spring will see four new All-America Rose Selections winners at nurseries and garden centers.

Flashiest of the quartet is Rio Samba, a hybrid tea with a bright yellow center and orange outer petals. It was hybridized for Jackson & Perkins by the late William A. Warriner, who developed 20 All-America Rose Selections winners in his lifetime, including another of the 1993 choices, Sweet Inspiration. It's a floribunda with exceptional compact, dense form and pink flowers that resemble an elegant tea rose.

Solitude, an orange-gold flowered grandiflora hybridized by Pernille Poulsen Oelsen and Mogens Oelsen, is a vigorous plant with lots of blooms presenting an old-fashioned appearance.

Last but not least is Child's Play, a miniature introduced by Nor'East Miniature Roses Inc., which has intriguing little blossoms that open with classic pointed bud form, revealing white petals edged with pink. Then, as the flower matures, the white becomes more pronounced and the pink provides a picotee effect at the edge of each petal. The plant reaches nearly two feet in height.

In All-America Rose Selections competition, each plant is grown and evaluated for two seasons by rose experts around the nation and only outstanding varieties win the coveted green tag.

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