Hunters take up challenge

June 24, 1992

The Maryland Youth Hunter Education Challenge took place Saturday on the Mayberry Game Protection Association grounds in Westminster.

Here's how the Carroll participants placed in each category:

Junior Division

Hunter Responsibility -- Steve Zimmerman, first; Joe Bauerlein, third. Wildlife Identification -- Joe Bauerlein, first; Steve Zimmerman, second; Dan Long, third. Rifle -- Jason Murphy, first; Dan Long, second. Archery -- Jason Murphy, first; Fred Aguilar, third. Shotgun -- Steve Zimmerman, first; Jason Murphy, second; Fred Aguilar, third. Orienteering -- Kathy Sterner, first.

Junior Overall Individual Placings -- Jason Murphy, first; Steve Zimmerman, second; Fred Aguilar, third; Joe Bauerlein, fourth; Dan Long, sixth; Kathy Sterner, tenth; Ginny Fleming, 12th; Tammy Austin, 14th.

Senior Division

Wildlife Identification -- Frank Bauerlein, first. Rifle -- Bill Murphy, second. Shotgun -- Andy Aguilar, second. Orienteering -- Jason Elmo, first; James Ballard, second; Ben Fair, third.

Senior Overall Individual Placings -- Ken Sterner, sixth; Bill Murphy, seventh; Ben Fair, eighth; Andy Aguilar, ninth; Aaron Sonn, tenth; Jason Elmo, 11th; James Ballard, 13th; Frank Bauerlein, 14th; Chris Fleming, 16th.

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