Seles' grunts annoying British

June 23, 1992|By Richard Finn

WIMBLEDON, England -- Monica Seles wants no more noise about her grunting.

"It's part of my game, and a lot of other players do it," Seles said. "I just don't know why they picked on me. I guess being the No. 1 player, they always say those things."

Seles was responding to headlines and stories in every London newspaper yesterday, calling for an end to her exclamations of exertion on the court, which had welcomed the world's No. 1 player back to Wimbledon after a year's absence.

The ruckus was fueled by comments from tournament referee Alan Mills, who reportedly told chair umpires they could issue warnings to Seles about her incessant grunting.

"Quite honestly, I just don't think it is necessary," Mills said. "It's a habit which has grown in recent years and which I don't think is good for the game."

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