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June 23, 1992|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

FIRED UPON: Southwestern District -- Anton Finch, of the 4100 block of Westchester Road reported someone fired a shot at his car yesterday afternoon while he was driving along Franklintown Road. Mr. Finch reported he was driving his 1983 Toyota in the 5000 block of Franklintown Road about 2:30 p.m. yesterday when he heard a gunshot and saw his rear window shatter. Police said Mr. Finch, who was not injured, drove home and reported the incident. Police said it was not immediately known if the driver was an intentional target or the victim of a random shot fired from a nearby woods.

BURGLARY: Southwestern District -- A resident of the 4100 block of Edmondson Ave. reported that someone broke into his home yesterday and stole property valued at more than $400.

ROBBERY/STABBING: Northeastern District -- Police today were seeking a man who stabbed Ronald Mitchell, 39, of the 1800 block of E. 29th St., with a knife when Mr. Mitchell helped a woman whose purse was stolen by a man she knows. Police said the woman, a resident of the 1500 block of E. 36th St., was in the 2800 block of Hillen Road shortly after 11 p.m. Sunday when her ex-boyfriend asked her for some money. When the woman refused to give the man money, he grabbed her purse and attempted to take it. Witnessing the incident was Mr. Mitchell, who went to the woman's aid. During a brief struggle for the purse, the man who was trying to steal it pulled out a knife and stabbed Mr. Mitchell in the chest. Police said Mr. Mitchell let go of the purse and that the armed man retrieved it and escaped. Police said the purse and its contents were valued at nearly $500. Mr. Mitchell, police said, was not seriously injured and refused medical treatment.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- A resident of the 3300 block of Cardenas Ave. reported that someone broke into his garage over the weekend and stole two bicycles and several racing-bike parts. Police said the property was valued at nearly $1,700 and that entry into the garage was by forcing a door.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Police said someone broke into a 1988 Nissan while it was parked in the 2400 block of Lake Ave. over the weekend and stole the vehicle's T-top. The owner of the car, also a resident of the 2400 block of Lake Ave., told police the equipment was valued at more than $200.

ROBBERY/ARREST: Northeastern District -- Police arrested a man yesterday afternoon and were holding him at the Eastern District lockup pending charges that he robbed a young boy of his bike yesterday. Police said the victim, an 8-year-old resident of the 1500 block of E. 34th St., was riding a bike near his home about 2 p.m. yesterday when he was assaulted by a man who pushed him off the bike and stole it. The victim was not injured. Police said the man was arrested a short time later. It was not immediately known if the bike, valued at nearly $100, was recovered.

ROBBERY: Western District -- Police reported a couple who live in the 2700 block of Baker St. were robbed Sunday night by two men, one armed with a handgun, who accosted them as they walked near their home. Police said the couple were near their home about 9:30 p.m. Sunday when the men approached and demanded they give up their jewelry. Police said that the woman was robbed of a gold wedding ring valued at $800 and that the man was forced to give up a pager, three gold rings, three gold bracelets and a gold necklace. Police said that the man's jewelry was valued at more than $1,000. Police said neither victim was injured.

ROBBERY: Western District -- A resident of the 500 block of N. Payson St. reported he was walking in the 500 block of N. Monroe St. about midnight yesterday when he was stopped by two men, one armed with a handgun, who ordered him to give up his money. Police said the gunman and his accomplice escaped with $70 in cash.

CUTTING: Western District -- A female resident of the 1300 block of N. Fremont Ave. reported that during an argument with a man she knows in her house Sunday night she was cut on the face and hand with a knife. Police said the victim, Amanda McKenney, was taken to the Liberty Medical Center, where she was treated for multiple lacerations and released. Police said the man who cut the woman fled and was being sought.

ROBBERY: Western District -- An out-of-town resident reported he was in the 1600 block of W. North Ave. yesterday afternoon when he was assaulted by a man who robbed him of his money and then fled south on N. Carey Street. Police said the victim, who was not seriously injured, was robbed of $400 in cash.

CHURCH BURGLARY: Western District -- Officials of the Perkins Square Baptist Church in the 2500 block of Edmondson Ave. reported that someone broke into their building yesterday afternoon through a first-floor side window. Police said it was not immediately known if any property was taken.

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