Clinton campaign hopes to raise $150,000 at 2 Maryland events

June 23, 1992|By John Fairhall | John Fairhall,Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON -- His presidential campaign deep in debt, Bill Clinton hopes to collect at least $150,000 from a pair of fund-raising events today in Baltimore and Annapolis.

Mr. Clinton will first go to the Guilford home of Larry Gibson, top political aide to Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke, then to the Annapolis home of Thomas L. Siebert, a Georgetown University chum from the class of 1968.

In addition to paying guests, who are contributing $1,000 each, Mr. Schmoke will appear at the event at Mr. Gibson's house. The mayor has endorsed the Arkansas Democrat and campaigned for him during the Maryland primary.

Mr. Clinton's campaign owes an Arkansas bank $2.7 million. Earlierthis month, the Democratic National Committee stepped in with $400,000 to pay for a half-hour TV call-in show featuring the governor. As of yesterday, 200 staff members were waiting for overdue paychecks.

But Mr. Clinton's aides say his campaign can stay afloat until the Democratic convention next month, when it receives $55 million in federal campaign financing.

Mr. Siebert said it was "surprisingly easy" to find 100 people willing to chip in $1,000 to attend his event. His original goal had been $50,000.

Mr. Clinton's fund raising has been hurt by his standing in the polls: He trails both President Bush and independent Ross Perot in many state surveys.

The two Maryland fund-raising events are private. Mr. Clinton has not scheduled any public speeches in the state.

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