What should Carroll do about trash pickup and recycling?

June 21, 1992

The county commissioners have ordered private trash haulers to pick up recyclable materials from residential customers starting July 1. Except in some towns, however, residents are encouraged but not required to sort out recyclables -- newspapers, cardboard, glass, metal cans and some plastics.

The immediate aim is to begin complying with state law, which requires counties to recycle a percentage of their solid waste. The commissioners also want to reduce the amount of refuse going into the landfills, thus deferring the cost of establishing new landfills.

Is recycling a good idea? Do you recycle? Should recycling be mandatory? Should the commissioners contract for countywide trash pickup to make collection and recycling more efficient?

Mail your comments (you may use additional sheets of paper) to: News ballot, Carroll County Sun, 15 E. Main St., Westminster, Md. 21157-5052; or fax your comments to us at 876-0233.

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