Stop the Presses!The Perot candidacy will not throw the...


June 21, 1992

Stop the Presses!

The Perot candidacy will not throw the presidential election into the House of Representatives.

Mr. Perot will win the presidency both in the popular vote and the Electoral College. He will win California, Texas, Ohio, Florida and most of the Midwestern and Southern states. President Bush will become desperate and run the dirtiest campaign of his career, mostly against Mr. Perot. Bill Clinton will run a poor third.

The Republican Party will move farther to the right to maintain its core constituency. It will still be a strong party because its members have money and influence.

After the election, many of the moderate and centrist politicians in the Democratic Party will desert to the new Perot party. The Democratic Party will consist of mostly urban blacks and other disaffected citizens. It will be a weak third party and may eventually disintegrate, unless a strong leader appears who can restore the public's faith in the party and lead it back to its traditional liberal roots. Remember, you heard it here first.

Alfred S. Sharlip


One-Lane Bridge

I would like to compliment Sun reporter Patrick Gilbert on his well written and accurate article of June 4 concerning the closing the Buckingham Road bridge. However, I think the headline ("Fallen bridge has neighbors in bitter feud") is misleading.

The two communities of Milford and Villa Nova are really feuding with Baltimore County.

Although Milford residents would prefer the bridge closed to the other option of a two-lane bridge the county has given us, they would accept a one-lane bridge which the majority of Villa Nova residents want.

There has been a one-lane bridge for the last 20 years with only four accidents in four years. (This, when Baltimore County says 2,400 cars use the bridge daily or 3,504,000 cars in four years.) Hardly a reason to say a 22-foot-wide, two-lane bridge would be safer.

The residents of both communities hope County Executive Roger Hayden and the county council will respect the feelings of the majority of people most affected and install a one-lane bridge promptly.

Nannie C. Lawler

Villa Nova

Different World

I wholeheartedly agree that it is past time to enact a nationwide waiting period for the purchase of handguns.

We have discussed with neighbors the virtue of staying to fight the violence versus the safety of "jumping ship." We listen as helicopters and dogs search for armed robbers on a Sunday night in our "nice, safe" suburban neighborhood. We watch with sorrow the decline of nearby shopping centers and wonder whether it is safe to go out after dark.

We all wish our children could run as freely as we did when we were young but it is a different world. Contrary to what the National Rifle Association would have us believe, it is clearly a different world from the one where "the right to bear arms" was so necessary.

This wave of violence has reached the point where something drastic must be done before our nation self-destructs.

Amy Matis


Truly 'Teed Off'

I was pleased to see that you addressed one of the issues regarding public golf courses in Baltimore County in the June 2 editorial, "Teed Off in Baltimore County."

However, some of the problems faced by Baltimore County golfers were not identified, and I hope you will bring these problems to the public's attention.

Many local golfers must travel as far as Pennsylvania to play because of overcrowding on local courses.

Here in Baltimore County, the competition for tee-off times is keen, not only with county residents, but also with golfers from other jurisdictions. Many residents of Howard County, where there is not one public golf course despite the millions of dollars that county has spent on public parks, can be found queuing up for golf games in Baltimore County.

Baltimore County golfers who play at the Eisenhower golf course in Anne Arundel County must pay $6 a round more than residents of that county. Other public courses in both Maryland and Pennsylvania have similar charges that enhance their revenue.

Perhaps Baltimore County would be wise to impose such a fee and place it in an escrow account toward a fund to build additional 18-hole public golf courses.

Also, I was pleased that your June 2 editorial finally identified the five public golf courses in Baltimore County. Previous articles did not have this information. However, Tom Mitchell's nine-hole course in Reisterstown is really an executive course and is of little interest to serious golfers.

Public golf courses are not only self-supporting but revenue enhancing. They make Baltimore County a more desirable place to live. All the citizens of the county, whether or not they actually

play golf, can benefit from more golf courses.

Joseph Sweeney


Be Aware

Walter Boyd's letter (The Sun, June 3) and the editorial "Hayden in the Rough" (Evening Sun, May 28) both are misleading, untrue and are not based on the facts.

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