Food futurists share ideas and trends

June 21, 1992|By McClatchy News Service

A gathering of the International Food Futurists in Pittsburgh has provided a glimpse of some possible dining habits of the future.

The Futurists is a nonprofit network of food professionals who share information and explore food ideas and trends on a global scale.

Here's a glance into the group's crystal ball: microwave ovens that fit on bedside tables; eating five to six meals a day rather than the current three; edible containers for takeout food; snack-bar choices at your local theater, themed for each movie.

The organization predicts that everyone, especially children, will carry nutritional pocket cards.

In paying for a school lunch, a child would insert the card into the cash register for a nutritional tally of the foods chosen.

Also foretold are restaurants with storybook areas and theme menus providing an interactive dining experience; and best-seller food stores, selling the best products.

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