Mayor takes daughter to new school Schmoke's child leaves public system

June 17, 1992

Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke's daughter, Katherine, is being transferred from a public school to a private one -- from Roland Park Elementary/Middle School on the east side of the 5200 block of Roland Ave. to Roland Park Country School on the west side.

Mr. Schmoke said yesterday that his decision to move his daughter, who is turning 12 and entering the seventh grade, was not a vote of "no confidence" in the city school system he has vowed to improve.

"I have made a judgment based on what I think are my daughter's educational needs," he said. "People who know me know that my children have had experiences in both private and public schools."

The mayor said he expects criticism -- much as he receives it on almost any decision he makes on the job.

"Whether people agree or not, I think they will respect the decision I made as a parent," he added.

"I think my record is clear in terms of doing what I can to improve the education in our schools," Mr. Schmoke said.

Transferring his daughter to a private school is not hypocritical, he said, explaining, "If I had been out preaching in a moralistic way about the duty people have to send their children to public school, then I think I'd be open to that criticism. But I haven't done that."

Mr. Schmoke said no decision has been made on whether Evelyn Beasley, the popular principal of the Roland Park public school, will be given another assignment.

Mrs. Beasley said earlier that the mayor had vetoed a transfer sought by the city school superintendent, Walter G. Amprey.

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