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June 17, 1992

Calling Vernon Gray

From: Valerie McGuire

Ellicott City

I am writing this letter in the hope that I might finally receive Councilman Vernon Gray's undivided attention.

I wrote Councilman Gray on Jan. 31 about the need for better coordination in the permit application process at various levels: county, state and federal. Although I have written and called, I have yet to receive communication of any sort from Mr. Gray.

Yooo hooo . . . Mr. Gray! I've been patiently waiting four months for a reply to correspondence dated Jan. 31.

I think it is deplorable that a person in public office can't or won't respond to a constituent's concerns. Is your lack of action due to the fact that I live in a community (Hunt Country Estates), which you are not supporting in regard to Route 100? Or is this just a matter of gross negligence on the part of you and your staff?

So I ask you again Mr. Gray, as my district councilman and as President of the Maryland Association of Counties, can you or will you correct this situation of permit coordination by legislation? I must hand it to you sir, you seem to be handling your political responsibilities quite poorly.

It is clear to see that your political aspirations may be short-lived. Perhaps the State Highway Administration could take you on as a highway consultant. I have a feeling that you'd fit right in.

One for Healy

From: Carole E. Fisher

Ellicott City

An open letter to Dr. Charles Ecker, Howard County executive:

I recently attended a prayer service at First Baptist Church at Guilford. This particular service spoke to the Rodney King verdict.

At this service was a friend, Bob Healy, who should be given consideration for the seat on the Human Rights Commission that is open. Bob and I had gone to a similar service the previous night, at 11 p.m., in downtown Baltimore, on Druid Park Avenue. We went simply because we cared and felt our presence was a statement in itself.

I recently underwent the trauma of a mastectomy and I can also say that Bob was always there for me, with a shoulder to lean on, as a friend to listen, and on one difficult occasion, even a back-rub to ease the pain. Never too busy to stop and listen, offer words of encouragement, always there.

Finally, I urge you to consider Bob Healy for the position on the Human Rights Commission. Bob is a decent, caring, highly intelligent individual who would bring special insights to this board. Thank you for your consideration.

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