INS changes procedure to extend work permits

June 14, 1992

Swamped with Salvadoran applicants seeking work-permit extensions, federal Immigration and Naturalization Service officials in Baltimore are telling the immigrants to apply by mail or consult non-profit agencies for help.

Nearly 11,000 Salvadorans in Maryland have the legal right to work in the United States under congressionally mandated "temporary protective status," which expires June 30. Only Salvadorans who could prove they were in the United States before Sept. 19, 1990, were eligible for protective status.

The Bush administration recently extended until June 30, 1993, the work permits of all Salvadorans who received protective status.

Those applying for a work-permit extension by mail should send form I-765 and a $60 fee to: USINS TPS Office, Box 416, Baltimore 21201.

Volunteer agencies designated to help applicants fill out the forms include La Mision Episcopal, 1001 S. Potomac St. in East Baltimore (732-4911), and CASA of Maryland in Takoma Park (301-270-0442).

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