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June 14, 1992

A trio of gripes

From: Katherine J. Jenkins


I have three gripes with the thinking of our Harford County legislators.

The first one being the drinking water of this county. We have been drinking tainted water for about 18 months now, and our government just now gets around to letting us know. Why does a county that is growing as fast as ours depend on wells for our drinking water? I was told that years ago our first county executive proposed laying pipes directly up U.S. 40 and tying into the Susquehanna for future water demands, but his idea was turned down.

Now our County Council has to decide if more money will allocated for digging another well, in close proximity to the existing well that is producing bad water. Surely there is a better way of getting safer, cleaner drinking water.

My second gripe is the "volunteer" recycling. I had to go out and buy a new trash can, along with blue bags, for my recyclables. I have no problems with this, since I strongly believe in recycling. My problem is a $35-per-ton tipping fee, which we all are going to pay. I also have a problem with "garbage" being picked up only once a week on Tuesdays.

If my family eats crabs, for example, on Tuesday night, the shells will have to sit in my garbage can until the following Tuesday morning. I can just see the maggots now. Maybe if this happens, everyone can get together and dump their garbage, full of these maggots, on the steps of the county executive and County Council.

In addition to this, I am told my next trash removal bill will be going up from $7.25 per month to $14 per month, as well as paying $5 per month more if they pick up grass clippings, which are recyclable. By the way, money is paid for most of these recyclables -- would someone tell me who gets this money? It sure is not the residents of Harford County.

The third gripe I have is a local one. For years the residents of the Willoughby Beach Road Area have asked for improvements to this dangerous road. Well, we were finally heard and are going to get improvements. However, no one truly has heard what the people along this road want and do not want. We want a traffic light at the school and a blinking light at the fire department. It looks like we will get those.

We want a straighter, wider road with better drainage, and it looks like we will get our wishes.

Most of our residents would like to wide bicycle paths, clearly marked, on each side of the road. It's felt that the bicycle paths would provide safer bicycling and jogging, since so many people along this road enjoy this. It was also felt these bicycle paths would be great in winter months when the roads are covered with snow. This would allow for plows to push snow further to the sides of the roadway, enabling traffic to pass much more safely in this type of weather.

However, Harford County tells us we are getting sidewalks and curbing. This will not stop the problem of children and adults who will still use the street for bicycling and even perhaps their jogging, since the sidewalks would be too bumpy. We asked for a bridge for another safe access road out of this road. I sure looks like we will never see that though.

Our biggest gripe is that Harford County will be adding an extension to Willoughby Beach Road. We've been informed that there will be five lanes in front of the schools, with one being a turning lane. This section of the road will then extend over Edgewood Road, connecting it to a new proposed road that will tie our road into Trimble Road. In order to build this new road, an office building will have to be bought by Harford County at a great deal of expense.

I have not come across one person who can come close to understanding why Harford County is forcing this extension of our road on us. Everyone seems to feel this is going to cause more unforeseen problems then we can even imagine. This is a lot of expense for Harford County to buy up property and build a new extension to our road when no resident seems to even want it or thinks the idea has any merit.

Joppatowne High ignored

From: Mary Ann Smith


First let me state that I have been a resident of Joppatowne for 29 years and have been involved with Joppatowne High School since its inception. I now work as a secretary in the guidance office. I have read your paper and many others claiming to represent "Harford County," but I have finally reached the end of my rope.

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