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June 12, 1992

No breathing room

I know what is says on the Statue of Liberty. If the U.S. continues to create more social problems by allowing so many immigrants to come here, we all will be "the tired, poor, huddled masses, yearning to breathe."



TSU's accreditation

I was deeply saddened to read that Towson State University is in danger of losing its accreditation. Being a Towson alumna and a veteran teacher of 19 years, I'm appalled about the education crisis we are now experiencing due to budget cuts.

As I understand it, because of a lack of funds, Towson had to hire more part-time faculty. Now, because of this large number of part-time instructors, the college is in trouble. What a vicious circle!

Not only are our children's schools being affected, but now we're talking about the universities where the future teachers of tomorrow receive their training. When are we going to wake up and make education our number one priority? It better be soon or it's going to be too late!

Phyllis Lewkowicz

Owings Mills

Why so many pictures of Bill Clinton?

The front page of The Evening Sun on June 3 devoted almost a half-page to Bill Clinton embracing his wife Hillary. I was really touched by this "news worthy" item.

Imagine my surprise when I purchased the 5-star Evening Sun the next day. There on the front page was "Cool Cat" Clinton playing the saxophone. Another great newsworthy item. I must be out in left field when I think items of national and international interest should be depicted on the front page of your newspaper.

As you note, I do not concur with your selection and your bias. I am looking forward to your next edition. Will it show Mr. Clinton embracing his ex-girl friend or will it show him kicking her out? Or maybe it could show Mr. Clinton smoking a pipe or something of that nature, captioned "I don't inhale"?

I can only conclude that your selection of front-page news is based on your bias rather than on world and national events. Oh, for the return of the News American.

James F. Macri


One-child limit

I have a suggestion that could solve many problems -- namely, the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), the population problem, abortion, the high divorce rate, teen pregnancy and a few others.

The suggestion is to completely outlaw sexual intercourse and mandate all reproduction to be in-vitro, with a limit of one child per couple.

Attempts at in-vitro fertilization would quickly catch anyone with an STD, so STDs would be stopped cold, prevented from progressing to the next generation. Of course, AIDS could still be transmitted by drug use and blood transfusion.

The limit on number of children could be brought up to two after the population was down to a satisfactory size. Abortion would ++ be quite foolish, since the only reason for having a child would be to reproduce. Also, the only reason for marriage would be to raise a child, so partners would be selected on that basis alone.

I know this suggestion will probably never be carried out anywhere, and certainly not in this country, because people are already too preoccupied with doing what they feel like doing and not what would help most of the society.

Many people will say that this suggestion is unenforceable, but a total ban would leave no loopholes. Also, it could not be implemented now without a price ceiling on the fertilization process, but look at all of the advantages!

Ian McDonald


Environmentalists distort level of ozone damage

Has the ozone layer changed substantially since Adam and Eve roamed the earth? Isn't the artificial effect of man's actions on this layer nil? The answer to the first question is no doubt negative while to the second question positive.

Yes, you do have reaction with the ozone, and its depletion by these ultra-violet-produced free radicals. Yes, a minute amount of these parent photo-electric compounds of these free radicals are the hologenated hydrocarbons that put the environmentalists into a frenzy. However, many more orders of magnitude of these compounds come from natural occurring events such as volcanoes.

To listen to these environmentalists, you would think that there is only a very fixed amount of ozone in the atmosphere, and when that is depleted, we will be completely defenseless from the ultra-violet rays of the sun. The fact of the matter is that the ozone layer, like just about all natural occurring processes, is in a state of very stable equilibrium, and as it is being constantly depleted, it is also being renewed.

The people that get cancer from the ultra-violet rays of the sun are those that bake themselves to an ebony finish on the beaches of Ocean City. If you use reasonable caution to protect yourself from the rays, you should have no problem. These rays )) are harmful but also necessary for life on the planet.

FTC These depopulating environmentalists, in their mad charge to bring about the post-industrial society, want to ban some of the most beneficial compounds known to man.

Cornelius U. Morgan

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