From The Sun May 24-30, 1842MAY 26: We were present last...


May 24, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun May 24-30, 1842

MAY 26: We were present last evening and witnessed the interesting ceremony of laying the corner stone of a new building at the corner of N. Gay and Monument Streets, in process of

erection by the Lutheran denomination and intended to be designated accordingly.

MAY 27: The rail road cars on the Philadelphia road were yesterday, for the first time, brought to the depot at President Street by a locomotive. It is designed, we believe, to make the depot at that place the receptacle for freight.

From The Sun May 24-30, 1892

MAY 27: Chestertown -- It is currently reported here and now generally believed that the negro, Jim Taylor, who was lynched here last Tuesday night for an alleged criminal assault upon Nellie Silcox, an eleven-year-old white girl of Kennedyville, was innocent of the crime.

MAY 30: Gen. Gustavus Morehead dropped dead yesterday morning on the stoop of his cottage at Asbury Park, N.J. He was born in Baltimore on March 18, 1814.

From The Sun May 24-30, 1942

MAY 24: A service flag dedicated to the 1,949 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad employes who entered the armed forces May 1 was raised on the Charles Street side of the company's general office building yesterday.

MAY 27: During the first four months of this year 13,425,202 more revenue passengers used the streetcar and bus services of the Baltimore Transit Company than in the same period last year.

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