District 31 Del. Joan Cadden's name was omitted from a...

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May 20, 1992

District 31 Del. Joan Cadden's name was omitted from a letter that ran in the May 20 issue of The Anne Arundel County Sun.

The delegate co-wrote the letter, which concerned the Marley Creek improvement project, with District 31 Dels. Charles Kolodziejski and W. Ray Huff.

Layoffs questioned

From: Joseph Cosgrove


In response to the article in the Arundel County Sun on Friday, May 1, 1992 ["Council members cool to Neall layoff measure"], the County Council appeared reluctant to pass a bill requested by County Executive Robert Neall that would clear the way for laying off employees in the next few months. Mr. Neall has asked the council to clarify the layoff procedure, essentially prohibiting workers due to get the ax from bumping employees with less seniority in other departments and classifications.


Defenders of this bill say that it would be placing workers in other departments and classifications they could not handle.

When new employees are hired, they must be trained, so why not retrain your current work force?

They say management decisions, such as who works at what jobs, should be left up to the department heads. These so-called "heads" are the people who go to school and get a degree, then come in and expect to control the work force. Can they type 50 words a minute? Do they know electrical circuits? Do they know what a water line is? Have they ever opened a manhole? According to the "book" they have, but let them go out on the streets and try it.

Michael Milanowski, the county labor relations director, said that if the council fails to pass the measure, the county would likely consult with its attorneys and proceed anyway with the layoff procedures. Sounds like a dictatorship to me, instead of a democratic system, and I'm sure the American Federation of State and County Employees (AFSCME) has attorneys also.

As far as AFSCME is concerned, I am sure it is doing the best it can representing its dues-paying members. As a dedicated union person for over 30 years, my motto has always been, "United we stand, divided we fall."

We're all concerned about saving trees, saving fish and protecting wildlife -- but trees don't pay taxes, fish don't pay taxes and animals don't pay taxes. County employees pay taxes, and they vote.

And as far as subcontracting work out for services, I'd rather have a county employee serve me than some "rent-a-company."

In closing, remember, Mr. Neall, we're all working for the same four reasons, and that's breakfast, lunch, dinner and a mortgage payment.

Sheriff on the high road

From: Robert G. Pepersack Sr.

Sheriff, Anne Arundel County

Restive: According to Webster's Dictionary, this is defined as "stubbornly resisting control." In the latest soap-opera report -- via the media -- this was how I was described. They are right.

Here's why:

* Over 80 percent of the taxpayers of our county did not expect me to take over an abandoned and bankrupt Sheriff's Office, accept initial under-funding and simply roll over and play political wimp for the sake of furthering political causes and keeping "harmony in a political party."

* I was voted in by the people. I serve the people with honor. If

that is "restive" behavior, then maybe more politicians should put the people first. Then maybe the country would not be suffering from political-office-holders flu.

* The "bad behavior" of the sheriff -- as I've been called recently -- is not ill-mannered. I just will not be the county's political soccer ball for aspiring political players.

* Also, the under-funding issue of the Sheriff's Office -- by the admission of the County Council and the county administration -- now is being called a "comic gig" starring Bob Pepersack. Well, as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans.

I think the County Council and the county executive should win Emmys for the directing and producing talents in carrying on a single-issue situation -- under-funding -- into a weekly comic sitcom, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars for each show.

* The question that is long overdue is: Who really holds the Anne Arundel restive personality?

Let's look at the facts:

1. The entire dollar amount that the County Executive started this witch hunt over is one-tenth of one-tenth of 1 percent of the county budget.

2. Tiring of not "gaining control and rewriting the Constitution," the under-funding kudzu has been given to the County Council by the administration for behind-the-scenes directing. However, unfortunately, the "Low-Road Show" continues, regardless of who is directing.

3. It's time that everyone lays their budget, perks, salaries, and productivity on the table. Let's look at how much money the county's officials have spent -- and continue to spend -- on items such as expenditures on the Bay Bridge Walk. Or where, why, how many, and how much do hubcaps cost? The facts show, and the officials have been told, "The only hubcaps on a sheriff's office vehicle were donated."

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