Disney will adapt 'Joy Luck Club'

May 18, 1992|By Los Angeles Times

HOLLYWOOD -- In the tile game mah-jongg, the Mandarin expression "hu le" -- meaning "I have the arrangement" -- is said when the winning hand is about to be played.

The same also might be said for Disney's Hollywood Pictures, which sources say is about to play its own hand in adapting Amy Tan's best-selling book "The Joy Luck Club" to the screen. The book is a tale of interlocking stories about four elderly Chinese women -- told while sitting around playing mah-jongg -- and their American-born daughters.

Ms. Tan will co-write the adaptation with Oscar-winning screenwriter Ron Bass ("Rain Man"). Oliver Stone will executive produce. But what may be viewed as the best news in Chinese-American circles is that Wayne Wang ("Dim Sum," "Chan Is Missing") is on tap to direct.

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