Mother's Day gift arrives by ambulance

May 17, 1992

Ten days late in arriving, baby Tiffany Louise Mathers made up for the delay with a birth her Elkridge parents will always remember -- an appearance on Mother's Day in the back of an ambulance en route to Howard County General Hospital.

Nancy Mathers gave birth to 7-pound, 10-ounce Tiffany at 2:10 p.m. Sunday. Her arrival came about 20 minutes after Stephen Mathers realized his wife's contractions were getting close and called for help.

"He didn't want to end up delivering in the car, so he called 911 to be on the safe side," said Nancy Mathers. "I have a history of going fast."

The couple lives on Butterfield Drive with two other daughters, Malinda, 10, and Heather, 5.

"I think it was ironic it was on Mother's Day," Mathers said. "It's like a very special Mother's Day gift."

Lt. Stephen Redmiles, an 18-year veteran of the fire department, delivered the baby with the assistance of firefighter Brian Hendricks.

Redmiles remained "cool" during the delivery, said Sgt. Robert Wiseman, who drove the ambulance. "They were on the ball," Nancy Mathers said.

The crew will be honored at a Stork Award ceremony, said Chief Donald Howell.

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