'Cathy' to feature reruns for 8 weeks

May 16, 1992|By New York Daily News

Cathy Guisewite's approximately 1,200 client newspapers received a letter this week explaining why, for eight weeks starting Monday, the daily "Cathy" comic strip will go into reruns.

Along with the letter from Universal Press Syndicate, Ms. Guisewite also sent her own letter telling exactly why she needs this break:

She's adopting a baby.

Actually, saying that didn't take much space. What did take two-thirds of a page was her apology. I'm really sorry to be doing this, she said. It's my own fault, I can't get ahead as I should. But I just don't have any choice now that the adoption is so near.

"I offer my deepest thanks," she writes, "if you can give this extra support to me now."

Ms. Guisewite, who has been doing "Cathy" for 14 years, will continue doing fresh Sunday strips.

"Cathy" appears in The Sunday Sun and daily in The Evening Sun.

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