'Basic' hot at the box office

May 15, 1992|By Orlando Sentinel

"Basic Instinct" -- which opened the Cannes Film Festival last week -- is one of the first official hits of 1992. It was No. 1 in the box-office battle last weekend and has grossed about $90 million in the eight weeks since its domestic release.

Even this early in the year, it is safe to say that the sexually charged thriller will be among the top 10 moneymakers of 1992 -- possibly among the top five. And the film's now-famous interrogation scene -- in which sexy Sharon Stone crosses her legs to reveal her panties-free crotch to a group of male cops -- should assure the movie hit status in the video market.

The high sex-and-nudity content of "Basic Instinct" also is undoubtedly a factor in the movie's success.

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