How to spend cancer money

It's your call

May 14, 1992

The General Assembly appropriated $5 million this year for an anti-cancer campaign in Maryland, which has the nation's worst cancer rate. A key element was to have been a heavy anti-smoking media campaign in low-income areas. However, after heavy lobbying by tobacco interests, the legislators included an amendment that only $250,000 of the $5 million can be spent on the media. Cancer screening and other prevention services would not be affected. State officials have put the advertising campaign on hold to study the legalities of the restrictions.

The Evening Sun would like to know what you think. Was it right to restrict spending on advertising?

To register your opinion, call SUNDIAL at 783-1800 (or 268-7736 in Anne Arundel County) today through midnight. After you hear the greeting, you'll be asked to punch in a four-digit code on your Touch-Tone phone. Punch 4600 and you'll be connected with "It's Your Call," The Evening Sun's phone survey on topical issues.

?3 Look for the results in tomorrow's Evening Sun.

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