Shapiro, Twins GM talk

May 07, 1992

Kirby Puckett's agent and Minnesota Twins general manager Andy MacPhail met face to face for the first time in two months, but they reported no new developments in negotiations over a contract extension.

"It went all right, but there was nothing earth shattering and we covered no new ground," MacPhail said of yesterday's 90-minute meeting at Ron Shapiro's office here. "But as long as I was in the neighborhood, I figured I'd stop in."

Puckett has been growing impatient with the negotiations and would like to sign an extension or have the talks suspended until season's end.

"He will be the happiest person to get this over with, but I will be the second happiest," MacPhail said. "I think everybody wants to get it over with and focus on what's happening on the field."

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