Arbor Day poster contest winners

May 03, 1992|By Staff report

The Carroll County Forestry Board has announced the winners of the fifth annual Arbor Day poster contest.

Sixty-seven entries from 14 schools, grades one through five, were received by the board.

First-, second- and third-place winners were chosen from each grade.

First-prize winners received $15, second prize was $10 and third was $5. Grand prize was a T-shirt with the winning design for each child in the class.

* Grand prize -- Jean Haught's second-grade class at Mount Airy Elementary.

* First grade -- Janie Gross of Linda Eyler's class at Taneytown Elementary, first place; Sarah Waddle of Pam Burch's class at Mount Airy Elementary, second place; Adam Alexander of Sheri Maring's class at Mount Airy Elementary, third place.

* Second grade -- Mary Frederick's class at Taneytown Elementary, first place; Caitlin Peterson of Linda Taggart's class at Mount Airy Elementary, second place; Stephen Grant of Susan Lane's class at Mount Airy Elementary, third place.

* Third grade -- Erin Karr of Yvonne Costley's class at Carrolltown Elementary, first place; Lindsay Alford of Susie Dilley's class at Charles Carroll Elementary, second place; Jameson Cowan of Louella Harner's class at William Winchester Elementary, third place; Daniel Forrester of Donn Hicks' class at Mount Airy Elementary, honorable mention.

* Fourth grade -- Chris McMahon of Paula Sandridge's class at Manchester Elementary, first place; Kim Bounds of Carolyn Michael's class at Uniontown Elementary, second place; Mike Young of Myrtis Hehir's class at Freedom Elementary, third place.

* Fifth grade -- Laura Evans of Debra Kiley's class at Sandymount Elementary, first place; Bethany Kraig of Sarah O'Neill's class at Freedom Elementary, second place; Maureen Skidmore of Susan Coldren's class at Sandymount Elementary, third place.

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