BB gun bank bandits flee on bikes

May 01, 1992|By JoAnna Daemmrich | JoAnna Daemmrich,Staff writer

Three men wielding BB guns robbed an Annapolis bank yesterday morning before escaping on bicycles.

City police said the trio pulled off the holdup in minutes. The men ran into a Maryland National Bank brank in the 1700 block of West St. about 10:20 a.m. One of the men told bank tellers a robbery was in progress, while another vaulted the counter and struck two female cashiers, police said.

"We just got kind of pushed to the ground," said one of the tellers who was shoved by the robber. "But we weren't really harmed."

The men grabbed an undetermined amount of cash, escaped out the door and hopped on their bicycles, police said.

"They just pedaled off," said Lt. Gary Simpson, a police spokesman.

Police were not releasing descriptions of the suspects yesterday.

When the closest police unit arrived two minutes after the alarm sounded, the three cyclists had escaped. Police recovered three pellet guns, full-sized replicas of semiautomatic weapons, Simpson said.

The robbers dropped their bikes less than a mile away on Lincoln Drive, a neighborhood behind Chinquapin Round Road and Forest Drive. Police, who found the bikes there, believe the three escaped through the back parking lots and alleys and continued in a car.

The FBI has been called in to investigate, police said. Maryland National Bank officials said they do not comment on bank robberies.

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