Authorities seize 126 in search for violent criminals

May 01, 1992|By Norris P. West | Norris P. West,Staff Writer

Twenty-seven murder suspects were among the 126 people arrested by federal and local authorities in a 10-week search for violent criminals, the U.S. marshal for Maryland announced yesterday.

U.S. Marshal Scott A. Sewell said the manhunt, dubbed "Operation Gunsmoke," landed more than half the fugitives lawmen were looking for at the outset of the searches. Another fourth either were already in jail on other charges or dead.

Operation Gunsmoke was part of a nationwide hunt for violent offenders that landed 3,313 criminal suspects in 40 cities, including 224 people wanted for murder.

Mr. Sewell said the local operation was a success and that the arrests were carried out without a glitch.

"We arrested 126 people, violent criminals, and not so much as a punch had to be thrown," he said.

The Baltimore area task force included the Baltimore Police Department, the Baltimore Sheriff's Department, the U.S. Bureau Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the U.S. Marshal Service.

Among those arrested in the roundup here was Anthony Graves, 40, who had been sought for 17 years in a 1975 slaying until he was arrested in Severn on April 18.

Nationwide, lawmen arrested 3,313 fugitives and seized $1.95 million in cash and property, according to U.S. Attorney General William P. Barr.

Mr. Barr said in a statement yesterday that the operation also yielded more than $4 million worth of guns, drugs and other contraband. Some 730 weapons -- including revolvers, semiautomatic handguns, sawed-off shotguns and assault rifles -- were seized.

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