Pendergrass Urges Council To Choose Her Nominee

April 29, 1992|By James M. Coram | James M. Coram,Staff writer

County Councilwoman Shane Pendergrass, D-1st, told the other councilmembers last week that the best solution to their deadlock over whomto appoint to the Board of Appeals would be to choose her nominee.

"For five years, the citizens of the southeastern portion of the county have not had representation on the board," Pendergrass told the other council members in an April 22 memorandum.

The five-member board meets twice weekly to weigh special exceptions to the zoning of particular properties and to consider minor zoning changes.

Four candidates, including the one Pendergrass supports -- William Waff, president of the Savage Community Association -- applied to fill the vacancy. All were interviewed by the council April9.

Waff and Clarksville businessman John Schulze received two votes each. Community activist George L. Layman received one. Attorney Tracy Drake also applied.

Pendergrass urged council members to break the deadlock and vote for Waff not merely because "he is the best candidate for the job," but also because his appointment "will bring geographical balance" to the board.

Pendergrass also sent council members a copy of a Dec. 29, 1989 memorandum from Councilman C. VernonGray, D-3rd, and then-councilwoman Angela Beltram, D-2nd.

The 1989 memo was addressed to then-county executive M. Elizabeth Bobo, urging her to withdraw the name of her Planning Board nominee and submit someone from Ellicott City to provide balance to the Planning Board.

"We are concerned that there is no representative from either the Ellicott City area or the southeastern area of the county presently on the Planning Board," the 1989 memo said.

What was true in 1989 is true today, Pendergrass said.

"I believe that the citizens from such a major growth region (as the southeastern portion of the county) deserve an individual on the board who intimately knows their neighborhoods," she said.

"We have consistently requested the administration use balance when nominating individuals to its commissions. Therefore, I think it is appropriate we do the same."

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