County Eyes Closing Sudley Landfill

April 29, 1992|By John A. Morris | John A. Morris,Staff writer

While struggling to make the Millersville Landfill comply with stateenvironmental laws, county officials are considering closing the Sudley facility in South County.

"I don't see any reason to operate two landfills right now," Utilities Director Tom Neel said yesterday. "I would rather focus on getting Millersville operating properly."

Neel said he might replace the 166-acre Nutwell-Sudley Road facility with a transfer station, where trash would be picked up before being shipped to Millersville.

Neel, who assumed control of the two landfills from the Department of Public Works two weeks ago, also said he has received approval from County Executive Robert R. Neall to clean up polluted ground water beneath Millersville.

The county discovered pollutants, primarily household and commercial cleaning solvents, in two ground-water monitoring wells at the center of the landfill in 1985. Similar contaminants were found in four nearby residential wells this month.

County officials have said they do not know whether the pollutants came from the landfill. But whether contaminantshave left the landfill site or not, Neel said he expects they eventually will.

"It ain't going away. We know it's going to migrate, solet's take care of it before it leaves the site," said Neel, who gave the news media a tour of the landfill yesterday.

He said the county could pump dirty water -- polluted as rain percolates through thetrash -- out of the ground and treat it. But he could not say how expensive that would be.

The Maryland Department of the Environment has given County Executive Neall 150 days to open an environmentally safe facility at Millersville and comply with state laws, or close the Burns Crossing Road site.

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