Very UpsetI am very upset about Jennifer Weiss' April 20...


April 28, 1992

Very Upset

I am very upset about Jennifer Weiss' April 20 letter, which suggests that women who are pro-life cannot possibly be feminists. Ms. Weiss is obviously pro-abortion, so how can she presume to speak for all women, especially those of us who believe in preserving life?

Being pro-life and feminist are not mutually exclusive. Many pro-life women also believe in "feminist" strategy and improving the quality of life (hence the term "pro-life"), which includes equal pay for equal work, improving education, providing decent, affordable child care, equal rights and more effective and less expensive means of birth control.

Somehow, many militant, pro-abortion feminists have misconstrued the feminist movement as only pro-life or pro-abortion. The feminist movement is about the freedom to choose lifestyles -- having children and continuing a career, choosing to stay home and rear children or none of the above.

Ms. Weiss should not make broad generalizations about women whose ideology differs from hers and from delusions that she speaks for all feminist women.

Kendra L. Roberts


Religious Rebuke

The article which appeared on the front page of The Sun April 19, "Turf battle at Christian shrine intensifies at Easter," displayed an overwhelming insensitivity to the religious and historical importance of the holiest of all Christian shrines and to the centuries-long anguish of the men and women of faith who have struggled for its preservation. I find the article offensive and am deeply grieved by the ridicule expressed by the writer and those quoted in the article.

When so many persons of differing traditions attempt for so many years to hold on to their sacred space, one would certainly anticipate that problems and misunderstandings would arise. Do not all nations and persons experience such border disputes from time to time? Each tradition represented in the Holy Sepulchre struggles to maintain its holy space. Rather than offer ridicule, I believe we owe the keepers of the Sepulchre a great debt of gratitude for their diligence and sacrifice in helping preserve this site for past, present and future generations of the faithful. Lifetimes and even lives have been dedicated to preserving this shrine.

Throughout the centuries the Holy Sepulchre, the land and the people have been victimized by nations and conquerors, all maintaining their own brand of justice. The time has come for us to cease sitting in judgment without the full measure of understanding.

Rev. Constantine M. Monios


The writer is dean of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation.

Smiling Faces

Thanks so much for the article on the Jewish immigrants from Russia enjoying their first Passover in the "land of the free."

It was wonderful to see all those smiling faces on your front page. From a cynical Christian American point-of-view, however, also good to know that not all the Russian Jews have decided to go to Israel. If they had, it would have made conditions even worse for the beleaguered Palestinian peoples in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

Torture, forced deportations, curfews, censorship, intimidation and a shoot-to-kill policy by the Israeli security forces is the harsh reality of life for many Palestinians.

When, if ever, will The Sun tell the full truth about this ongoing megacrime against humanity? The Palestinians are our brothers and sisters too. They deserve a state of their own and to have their smiling faces appear on the front page of The Sun.

William Hughes


Lisa Lewis' Talent

I take exception to labeling Lisa Lewis as a "dropout" in your April 12 horse racing article. Lisa had the courage to identify her career choice and won the support of her parents. Lisa was 17 at the time, with the talent and determination to persevere as a trainer, an area dominated by men.

The article does Lisa and one of Baltimore's schools a disservice.

Lisa did not drop out. Lisa continued her education, admittedly unconventionally, while developing her considerable talent.

Bonnie M. Jaeger


Home Rule

The Sun editorial April 4, addressing current consideration of municipal incorporation by the special taxing district of Crofton, suggests that such a concept of local self-determination -- though alluring -- is potentially dangerous.

The writer further ponders the question, "What would happen to orderly governance if each population cluster went its own way on laws, planning and taxes?" This tone continues to reflect The Sun's lack of understanding and knowledge about municipal government.

I can see, after several years of reading your editorials, that this shortcoming continues unabated, even under your new management.

Municipal "home rule" is not a new concept in life. It represents the expression of the will of a people to govern themselves on local matters. It represents government closest to the people.

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