Oates to keep Milligan from rushing to return

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April 27, 1992|By Jim Henneman and Don Markus | Jim Henneman and Don Markus,Staff Writers

NEW YORK -- Despite Randy Milligan's prediction that he would return tonight, Orioles manager Johnny Oates said he would likely hold the injured first baseman out of the lineup until Wednesday.

"He [Milligan] took batting practice [yesterday], but he's still having some headaches and he's not really alert yet," said Oates. "David [Segui] has been playing well, Randy hasn't done much against [Bill] Krueger [the Minnesota Twins' starter tonight] and we get [Scott] Erickson tomorrow night."

Oates said, however, that he wouldn't keep Milligan out of the Minnesota series merely to give him extra time to recuperate. "I'm going to play it by ear," said Oates. "But I don't want him to go a full week without playing.

"When he tells me he's ready, I'll let him play. But right now, I don't see any necessity to rush him back."

It's possible that Milligan might be used as a pinch hitter in the first two games against the Twins. Oates passed up the opportunity to use him yesterday, when Mark McLemore hit for )) designated hitter Sam Horn after left-hander Steve Howe entered the game in the eighth inning.

There's still no word on when Glenn Davis will leave the disabled list. The first baseman has been out since the second game of the season and isn't expected to rejoin the club until the Orioles return for a 10-day homestand on Friday.

* NO SURPRISE: Andy Stankiewicz might have become New York's newest folk hero this weekend, but his 6-for-12 performance against the Orioles didn't come as a surprise to Oates.

When asked about Stankiewicz after yesterday's game, Oates said jokingly, "Stanka-Ruth, you mean?"

"We knew that he was a pretty good player," said Oates. "One of our coaches [Greg Biagini] managed against him the past two years, and we knew he could do the little things. But he did the big things. We didn't know he had that kind of power."

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