Round by round

April 27, 1992


1, Indianapolis, Steve Emtman, dl, Washington. 2, Indianapolis (from Tampa Bay), Quentin Coryatt, lb, Texas A&M. 3, Los Angeles Rams, Sean Gilbert, dl, Pittsburgh. 4, Washington (from Cincinnati), Desmond Howard, wr, Michigan. 5, Green Bay, Terrell Buckley, db, Florida State. 6, Cincinnati (from Washington through San Diego), David Klingler, qb, Houston. 7, Miami (from Phoenix), Troy Vincent, db, Wisconsin.

8, Atlanta (from New England), Bob Whitfield, ol, Stanford. 9, Cleveland, Tommy Vardell, fb, Stanford. 10, Seattle, Ray Roberts, ol, Virginia. 11, Pittsburgh, Leon Searcy, ot, Miami. 12, Miami, Marco Coleman, lb, Georgia Tech. 13, New England (from Minnesota through Dallas), Eugene Chung, ol, Virginia Tech. 14, New York Giants, Derek Brown, te, Notre Dame.

15, New York Jets, Johnny Mitchell, te, Nebraska. 16, Los Angeles Raiders, Chester McGlockton, dt, Clemson. 17, Dallas (from Philadelphia through Green Bay and Atlanta), Kevin Smith, db, Texas A&M. 18, San Francisco, Dana Hall, db, Washington. 19, Atlanta (from Atlanta through Dallas and New England), Tony Smith, rb, Southern Miss. 20, Kansas City, Dale Carter, db, Tennessee. 21, New Orleans, Vaughn Dunbar, rb, Indiana.

22, Chicago, Alonzo Spellman, dl, Ohio State. 23, San Diego (from Houston), Chris Mims, dl, Tennessee. 24, Dallas, Robert Jones, lb, East Carolina. 25, Denver, Tommy Maddox, qb, UCLA. 26, Detroit, Robert Porcher, dl, South Carolina State. 27, Buffalo, John Fina, ol, Arizona. 28, Cincinnati (from Washington), Darryl Williams, db, Miami.


29, Indianapolis, Ashley Ambrose, db, Mississippi Valley State. 30, Los Angeles Rams, Steve Israel, db, Pittsburgh. 31, Cincinnati, Carl Pickens, wr, Tennessee. 32, Los Angeles Raiders (from Tampa Bay), Greg Skrepenak, ot, Michigan. 33, San Diego, Marquez Pope, db, Fresno State. 34, Green Bay, Mark D'Onofrio, lb, Penn State. 35, New England (from Phoenix), Rodney Smith, db, Notre Dame.

36, Dallas from Cleveland, Jimmy Smith, wr, Jackson State. 37, Dallas from New England, Darren Woodson, db, Arizona State. 38, Pittsburgh, Levon Kirkland, lb, Clemson. 39, Minnesota from Seattle, Robert Harris, de, Southern U. 40, Kansas City from Minnesota through Dallas, Matt Blundin, qb, Virginia. 41, New York Giants, Phillippi Sparks, db, Arizona State. 42, New York Jets, Kurt Barber, lb, Southern Cal.

43, Miami, Eddie Blake, dt, Auburn. 44, Tampa Bay (from Los Angeles Raiders), Courtney Hawkins, wr, Michigan State. 45, San Francisco, Amp Lee, rb, Florida State. 46, Phoenix (from Atlanta through New England), Tony Sacca, qb, Penn State. 47, Washington (from Kansas City through Dallas), Shane Collins, de, Arizona State. 48, Philadelphia, Siran Stacy, rb, Alabama. 49, Chicago, Troy Auzenne, ot, California.

50, Houston, Eddie Robinson, lb, Alabama State. 51, Atlanta (from Dallas), Chuck Smith, de, Tennessee. 52, Cleveland (from New Orleans through Dallas), Patrick Rowe, wr, San Diego State. 53, Detroit, Tracy Scroggins, lb, Tulsa. 54, Denver, Shane Dronett, dl, Texas. 55, Buffalo, James Patton, nt, Texas. 56, Detroit (from Washington through Dallas), Jason Hanson, pk, Washington State.


57, Los Angeles Rams from Indianapolis, Mark Boutte, dl, LSU. 58, Dallas (from Cincinnati through Washington), Clayton Holmes, db, Carson-Newman. 59, Tampa Bay, Mark Wheeler, dt, Texas A&M. 60, Los Angeles Rams, Todd Kinchen, wr, LSU. 61, Phoenix, Ed Cunningham, c, Washington. 62, Green Bay, Robert Brooks, wr, South Carolina. 63, San Diego, Ray Ethridge, wr, Pasadena CC.

64, New England, Todd Collins, lb, Carson-Newman. 65, Cleveland, Bill Johnson, dt, Michigan State. 66, Seattle, Bobby Spitulski, lb, Central Florida. 67, Pittsburgh, Joel Steed, dt, Colorado. 68, New York Jets, Siupeli Malamala, t, Washington. 69, New York Giants, Aaron Pierce, te, Washington. 70, Miami, Larry Webster, dt, Maryland.

71, New England (from Minnesota through Dallas), Kevin Turner, rb, Alabama. 72, New Orleans (from Los Angeles Raiders through Tampa Bay), Tyrone Legette, db, Nebraska. 73, Atlanta, Howard Dinkins, lb, Florida State. 74, Washington (from Kansas City through Dallas), Paul Siever, g, Penn State. 75, Philadelphia, Tommy Jeter, dt, Texas. 76, San Francisco, Brian Bollinger, g, North Carolina. 77, Houston, Corey Harris, wr, Vanderbilt.

78, Cleveland (from Dallas), Gerald Dixon, lb, South Carolina. 79, Tampa Bay (from New Orleans), Tyji Armstrong, te, Mississippi. 80, Chicago, Jeremy Lincoln, db, Tennessee. 81, Detroit (from Denver), Thomas McLemore, te, Southern U. 82, Dallas (from Detroit), James Brown, t, Virginia State. 83, Buffalo, Keith Goganious, lb, Penn State. 84, Cincinnati (from Washington), Leonard Wheeler, db, Troy State.


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