The Orioles:It's a splendid place, but you've got...


April 27, 1992

MEMO TO the Orioles:

It's a splendid place, but you've got to do something about the floor in the main concourse. It's as slippery as an ice rink.

* * *

IN A CAMPAIGN to leverage more funding for education, public school teachers' organizations sometimes end up stepping on their own messages.

A recent publication from the National Education Association and a current cable television commercial from the Teachers Association of Baltimore County point out that society has been spending a lot on building prisons in recent years while showing reluctance to spend more of the taxpayers' dollars on public education.

"By investing in education, many potential criminals, drug addicts and vagrants can be turned around," says Edward W. Veit, president of the county's teachers groups, commonly known as TABCO.

"To spend less money to teach a child right from wrong makes a lot more sense than paying almost four times that amount to confine a prisoner," Mr. Veit maintains.

Yet that argument from the TABCO president would seem to fly in the face of another strong line of thought coming from various local and national teachers' groups these days: That the home, and not the school, is the only place where children can truly learn right from wrong.

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