Stephen L. Miles, companion robbed


two men arrested

April 27, 1992|By William B. Talbott and Mark Bomster | William B. Talbott and Mark Bomster,Staff Writers

Well-known Baltimore attorney Stephen L. Miles was beaten and robbed of $1,800 over the weekend while walking with a female companion in the 200 block of E. Monument St.

Two Baltimore men have been arrested and charged in the robbery, which occurred about 11 p.m. Friday.

Mr. Miles, 49, of Baltimore, was treated at Mercy Medical Center after being struck on the head and jaw by a hard object he believes was a brick.

His companion, Cindy Williams, 30, of Arnold, was struck on the right wrist and robbed of her purse. She also was treated for a broken wrist and released. Her purse contained personal papers and $20.

Mr. Miles, whose "Let's talk about it" television ads for his legal services have made him a local celebrity, recounted the robbery today in vivid detail.

He said the two had been to Center Stage on Friday evening. Shortly after 11 p.m., they were walking back to Mr. Miles' car, parked in in the 200 block of Centre St. near the Downtown Athletic Club.

"I felt someone behind us and looked around and saw two men, one who appeared to be Jamaican and had dreadlock-type hair," said Mr. Miles. "I then pulled Ms. Williams to my left, putting myself between her and the two men, when I heard a bottle break and then the two men. . .came toward us from each side.

"I then went to the middle of the street, where I challenged them by taking a fighter's stance and then heard one of them say, 'Let's off him!'

"It was at this time that I was struck and knocked unconscious, though I don't remember getting hit. When I woke up, one of the men was over me with a bottle at my neck."

Mr. Miles, who said he does not carry a wallet, reached into his pocket and pulled out the money. He put it on the ground at arm's length.

At that point, he saw Ms. Williams try to reach into her purse for a canister of Mace.

"The man with the bag. . .ran to her and hit her on the arm with the object, grabbed her purse and both men then fled," he said. "If it had not been for her, I probably would have been killed. I believe she saved my life."

Mr. Miles said the attack left him with a swollen jaw, a lump behind his left ear and small cuts on his neck.

A short time later, Baltimore police were called to the emergency room of Maryland General Hospital, where a man seeking treatment for a broken ankle was dropping $100 bills on the floor.

Police spoke with Ronnell Brown, 20, of the 700 block of Edgewood St., ran a check and found that he had an outstanding warrant for violation of probation.

Mr. Brown was treated and then arrested. The victims also identified the other suspect as Riley Pettus, 28, of the 500 block of East 33rd Street.

Both men were charged in the robbery of Mr. Miles and Ms. Williams.

Mr. Brown is being held in $101,000 bail on robbery and assault charges.

When arrested, Mr. Brown had 11 $100 bills in his pocket, plus some smaller bills.

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