Philip R. Dorsey

1992 League Of Women Voters Mount Airy Election Guide

April 26, 1992

BIODATA: 50-years old; member of Town Ethics Commission, serving as chairman; 24 years Montgomery County government employee; U.S. Army, 3 years; member, American Legion Post 191; Past Commander, VFW Post 10076; Past Chief of Staff, Department of Maryland VFW; 32 degree Mason, Philantropic Lodge No. 168.

PRIORITIES: 1. To maintain a budgetthat would keep the present tax rate. 2. All citizens, especially seniors, living on a fixed income have the right to expect their elected officials to conduct exhaustive inquiry into all matters of financeand spending. 3. I am also concerned for the younger citizens of ourcommunity. Alternative activities for our youth need to be made available.

GROWTH: Since moving to town 12 years ago, I have witnessed continued growth. While many of us resist change and would prefer to see no growth, people must have a place to live. The key is to manage our growth in such a way that we protect the integrity of our community.

BUDGET: I will do everything possible to keep the current tax rate. Because I'm not an incumbent, I have not participated in the budgeting process and therefore have no direct knowledge of the details. Ona go-forward basis, I would do my utmost to see that a lean but effective budget is enacted which provides services to the community at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayer.

TOWN MANAGER: I do not think we need a town manager. This would add unneeded expense to our citizens.

POLICE PROTECTION: If funding is cut, we would have to consider reducing the number of resident troopers and look into the feasibility of some assistance from our county sheriff departments.

RECYCLING: I support mandatory recycling. Mount Airy has already met approximately 10 percent of the 1994 mandate. If all citizens adhere tothe recycling plan, I feel we will see a reduction in the amount of refuse transported to the county dump. As a result, our tipping fees should decrease, thereby creating a positive budgetary impact.


CAPTION: Philip R. Dorsey


BIODATA: 45-years-old; two two-year terms on Town Council. Mount Airy taxpayer.

PRIORITIES: Recycling education for Mount Airy residents. Lowering tax base, if possible, or expenses. Growth that is controlled and services that are not out of phase with Mount Airy planning.

GROWTH: The town government should be controlling the growth of Mount Airy, from the first rough layout of the planning commission to the services given the newest resident in Mount Airy.

BUDGET: This year's budget seems to be in good shape. There may be a few places to cut a little out of the budget but not much. If an increase in revenues was needed, the budgets in all departments would be subject to cuts.

TOWN MANAGER: No, not at this time. The business conducted in the townis taken care of by the mayor and his staff.

POLICE PROTECTION: By calling upon the police agencies from nearby counties.

RECYCLING: Yes, Mount Airy can meet the mandate if the education program can get into full swing and the residents understand the importance of recycling.


CAPTION: James R. Lumadue


BIODATA: 35-years-old; B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, 1980; Employment: Principal Engineer, Fairchild Space Co., Germantown, Montgomery County; six-year resident of town; former regular voting member of Town Planning and Zoning Appeals Board; Have served 2 1/2 years on Town Council; Head of Town Streets and Roads Department; former President, 1st United Presbyterian of Westminster Board of Trustees; Former President, 1st United Presbyterian of Westminster Men's Association. Attend Damascus Wesleyan Church.

PRIORITIES: Finish the planned improvements to the intersection of Ridge Road, Ridge Avenue and Ridgeville Boulevard. Establish a town community center which can be the focal point of meetings and activities as well as provide for non-sports related recreation for our youth and young adults. Provide sidewalks and bike paths along all major town roads.

GROWTH: The town must plan the infrastructure and services tomatch the projected growth if the town is to survive. Mount Airy hasin place the elements to perform this vital function. Mount Airy hasprovided for in house planning and zoning, building permit limits, acapital improvements fund, an adequate facilities ordinance and a master plan which addresses both rate and direction of growth.

BUDGET: I do not favor a tax increase regardless of the scenario presented. The issue is not can the current tax rate be held, but for how long. Reduction of town spending must be considered before any tax increase is allowed to occur. Trash pickup can be reduced to once per week.Contracted services should be rebid or brought in house wherever savings can be realized. Appropriations for long term capital improvements could be reduced.

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