Circuit Judge Revokes Cartnail's Bail

April 26, 1992|By Darren M. Allen | Darren M. Allen,Staff writer

WESTMINSTER — A 19-year-old South Carroll man -- charged with attempted murder in a December drive-by shooting and arrested in March on drug charges while out on bail -- will wait for his June trial behind bars.

Gordon L. Cartnail of Eldersburg had his bail bond revoked last week by Circuit Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr. because the judge believed he would flee the county, change his appearance and pose a danger to the community and to himself.

Cartnail previously was granted $20,000 full bond in his Decemberarrest, when he was charged with attempted murder, assault and drug possession and distribution charges stemming from a Dec. 21 drive-by shooting.

On March 27, he was arrested at his Eldersburg home by members of the Carroll County Narcotics Task Force and was charged with possession and distribution of cocaine. He was held without bond.

A Carroll grand jury handed down indictments in the case on April 2. Cartnail's bond was subsequently reduced to $15,000, with $1,500 enough to secure it, on April 13.

While still in jail on April 15 --Cartnail was unable to come up with the $1,500 to gain release from custody -- he was served with the grand jury indictments by a member of the county drug task force.

It was a conversation between Cartnail and Westminster Det. Sgt. Andrew McKendrick at the county detention center that afternoon that prompted Assistant State's Attorney Barton F. Walker III to seek a revocation of Cartnail's bond.

According to McKendrick, Cartnail told him he was going to be out of jail the next day, and that he would be leaving the county, perhaps taking off for Florida. He also said, according to McKendrick, that he would change his appearance, and, if the officer tried to arrest him, he would resist by firing two rounds into the officer's head.

Cartnail viewed the exchange differently.

"I told him that, when I get out of all the trouble I'm in, I want to leave Carroll County, I want to go to Florida," he explained from the witness stand at his bail revocation hearing Thursday. "Then I asked him if he was going to go to Florida and shoot me up. He told me that he has some boys down there who could take care of that for him. It was all in a joking manner."

If it was a joke, McKendrick missed it.

"He was very cocky, and he told me this whole thing was a waste of time," McKendrick said fromthe stand. "He was going to flee, probably head south, and that he would have no further contact with me and that if he did, he was goingto give me a double tap."

Another officer who was with McKendrickthat day said that while some parts of the conversation were jovial,the underlying tone was not.

"I will have concerns if Mr. Cartnail is out," said Tfc. Robert Heisles. "If he is out there selling drugs and carrying guns, yes, I'm concerned."

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