Man Receives 10 Years For Shooting Policeman

April 26, 1992|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Staff writer

A Prince George's County man who pleaded guilty in February to shooting a police officer in Pioneer City last summer was sentenced Fridayto 10 years in prison.

Michael Keith Scott had been abused since childhood and led a double life between singing in the church choir and selling drugs, Pamela L. North, Scott's attorney, told Circuit Judge Raymond G. Thieme

"I do believe there are evil forces and good forces pulling him,"she said in court. "And he tries to follow the good."

She said her client, who lives in Palmer Park in Prince George's County, had been shot and robbed a year ago outside his home.

"It's like it's an excuse," said prosecutor Gerald Anders. "So he's been robbed and shotbefore. Now he can shoot back."

Scott, 20, pleaded guilty Feb. 11to assault with intent to murder and use of a handgun in the commission of a felony. In exchange, the state dropped all other narcotic and assault charges against Scott.

A bulletproof vest may have savedthe life of Anne Arundel County police Officer Greg Overstreet, who was shot twice at point-blank range July 26. According to police and court records, Overstreet was shot at midnight after he spotted two men in a wooded area near Arwell Court.

The six-year police veteranput on his dark-blue police jacket as well as a baseball hat and hidin the shadows, watching the men. After a few minutes, he approachedthem and one of the pair ran away.

According to police, Overstreet grabbed one of the men by the arm and he dropped two packets of cocaine on the ground. The man ran and Overstreet tackled him. He was shot twice in the chest during the scuffle.

"I never pulled my gun out until I was already shot twice," Overstreet said after the sentencing.

Overstreet said he had arrested Scott on possession of cocaine in 1988, and Scott was on probation from those charges when the shooting happened.

About a dozen people from Scott's family and church attended the sentencing hearing. Overstreet was accompanied by one other officer.

"To the officer, I am very sorry from the bottom ofmy heart," said Scott's mother, Cynthia, as she looked at Overstreet.

Overstreet said he heard the same story about Scott's abusive father and terrible childhood when he was in court with him before on the drug charges.

"If he was abused, that's terrible," Overstreet said. "But what price do the rest of us have to pay?"

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