Barbara Bush sets fashion pace for senior set

April 26, 1992|By Debra Lee Baldwin | Debra Lee Baldwin,Copley News Service

How you look impacts how you feel.

Choose fashionable clothes that fit well and you'll greet the world with confidence -- and get compliments in return.

Fortunately, styles that lend themselves to the over-60 set are easy to find and easy to wear.

You'll be happy to know that trends in men's and women's fashions indicate a return to traditional, comfortable styling ideal for seniors with active lifestyles.

It's alright to be 60-plus and slender, petite and sophisticated -- HTC like Nancy Reagan or Audrey Hepburn.

But you don't have to have the waist of a wasp to be fashionable anymore.

Let's pause for a round of applause for Barbara Bush.

She has done more for the gray-haired ladies of America than 20 years of Clairol commercials. Finally it's OK to be a grandmother -- and look like one,too!

Here's what will give you the Barbara Bush look:

Your figure: a comfortable, huggable 14 or 16.

Your colors: all shades of blue, from sapphire to navy, particularly "Barbara Blue," a deep turquoise created especially for the first lady by Bill Blass. Other fashionable hues include shades of red, and black and white.

Your overall look: monochromatic ensembles worn with floral-print blouses, classic Chanel-inspired dresses, pleated print skirts with coordinating short-sleeve, double-breasted jackets, coat dresses, A-line skirts, scarves wrapped around the shoulders.

Your jewelry: pearls, of course. In particular, a choker in double, triple or quadruple strands of 12-millimeter faux pearls. Earrings are bold button-style clip-ons in gold and pearl or jeweled. Another BB favorite: sporty round-face watches with gold or black leather bands.

Your fragrance: White Shoulders, a 50-year-old sweetly innocent floral by Evyan Perfumes -- or, if you prefer, some other light floral scent, such as Le Jardin, Joy, Ysatis, Eternity or L'Air Du Temps. Apply in moderation.

Your shoes: Dress for comfort. You'll be fine in medium-heel pumps in basic styles, including spectators. Your shoe brands include Bally, Ferragamo, Naturalizer, Joyce and Mushrooms. Show off your legs in neutral hosiery, skin-toned for day.

Your casual wear: No pictures of Mrs. B. in a bathing suit have yet to hit print, and we're not holding our breath.

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